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Jeannette Ceja

Shannon Morales

CEO, Tribaja

"Building a world where opportunity and wealth are shared equally"

Shannon Morales is a proud Afro Latina, mother of 3, and first generation college graduate. She started her first business after experiencing unconscious bias in the workplace and set out to create better ways for people to connect with fulfilling careers. In early 2020, Shannon quit her corporate job to focus on her business full time. She rebranded & pivoted the venture to Tribaja; a community based recruiting platform for diverse tech talent.

Shannon’s accomplishments to date include being named to Forbes Next 1000 small businesses to look out for 2021, Culture Builder of the Year by Technically Media 2020, and has been awarded numerous grants to continue her work in bridging the opportunity gap in technology.

You can connect with her on

IG: thesocialprofessional

IG: Tribaja.co

Facebook: Tribaja.co

LinkedIn: Tribaja

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