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Jeannette Ceja

Reese Whitley, ATC, LAT

Certified Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach, Entrepreneur

Reese is a former collegiate athlete who has had his fair share of injuries during the stent of his career. Due to his passion for helping others, he decided to pursue the field of sports medicine determined to find the gaps to which would allow for our bodies to function at its best. He treats every person with an open mind knowing we all were made in a unique way.

His treatment ad training plans are specific to the individual and are based on ideas from various education platforms allowing them to get the best treatment and to attain results.

Reese organized Miami's first Magic City Cup to use soccer as a way to bring people from different communities together. The goal was to experience the mix of tech, sports and culture.

On his spare time, he enjoys the beauties of travel along with connecting with people from various cultures and backgrounds. You may find him at a beach nearby enjoying the surf or finding another adventure to embark on!

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