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Jeannette Ceja

Federico W. von Son, MD

CEO of Somos Ancestria

"To develop drugs that are tailored to the Latino population, by creating the largest health and genetic data in Latin America"

Born in Baja California and raised in Cuernavaca, a beautiful small town in the central region of México. Federico is an entrepreneur, former professional athlete and MD graduate with honors. Passionate about metadata, Health Tech, innovation and social impact. He is deeply involved in research projects focused on identifying genetic biomarkers for diabetic ulcers, metabolic syndrome, sports performance, nutrigenetics and population genetics.

I love to watch and play soccer or any sport, spending time with my daughter, family, friends and fiancé, love sushi, tacos and Italian food. Happy to share and interact with more people to build stronger networks and bonds that can have a positive impact within the Latino community.

"Build your wings on the way down”  
This is my everyday mantra, I truly think you can never be READY enough to actually start something. You just have to go for it and fix whatever needs to be fixed during the process.

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