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Jeannette Ceja

DJ Citizen Jane

Singer-Songwriter, International DJ, Fashion Designer

"A cultural mix, carrying pieces of every country she has visited on her tour and adding it all to her music catalogue."

DJ Citizen Jane is a Singer-Songwriter, International DJ, Fashion Designer who grew up in Miami. She now spends her time writing, recording and producing between Miami and Los Angeles. Citizen Jane is currently working on her debut solo project with multiple renowned producers and collaborating with up and coming female artists. She recently released her fourth single with sultry lyrics "Drunken Kisses". Her forthcoming EP featuring her first single "Campo de Guerra" which takes her back to her Latin Roots will be setting the tone of a rebirth for Citizen Jane.

She grew up with a mix of traditional latin music and influences in classic rock and electronic music. She has a passion for voice melodies, harmonies, percussions and electronic sounds. After traveling the world with her successful DJ career she acquired a fusion of melodic rhythms, latin vibes mixed with percussion and her sultry voice adding an electronic touch. She refers to herself as a cultural mix carrying pieces of every country she has visited on her tour and adding it all to her music catalogue. After performing at Madison Square Garden and at Sydney, Australia’s Huge Music Festival for over 45,000 she has broken through the glass ceiling and nothing can stop her from the pursuit of her goals. She recently captivated an even broader audience by being the face of the "Fighting Spirit" Modelo Beer Campaign appearing on their TV Commercial globally. She will also be debuting as a Fashion Designer with her Edgy Clothing Line designed by her on the runway at Sony Hall in New York City during NYC Fashion Week 2021.

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