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Jeannette Ceja

Andres Cast

Inspiring people to follow and pursuit their dreams. Never give up.

Born in Patagonia, the southern region of Argentina, Andres The Traveler moved to the United States over 15 years ago. Patagonia is the region spread between Argentina and Chile and is the southernmost region of South America. A beautiful region filled with landscapes, vast forest, natural reserves, national parks, glaciers and native wildlife. It is famous for being the most southern land a human can walk on Earth.

As a member of the Argentinian diaspora with a grandmother from Poland, he loves traveling and “learning about other cultures and meeting local people.” Andres native language is Spanish but he speaks Portuguese, English, some French and Polish. He earned a degree in International Relations from Universidad Argentina John F Kennedy, an AAS in International Business from Houston Community College and an ESL Diploma from the University of Houston.

Andres has always “been interested in helping people in need from a very young age.” During high school, he was a member of the youth section of the Interact Club (a Rotary Club). He volunteered at an orphanage during weekends and was part of multiple activities to help his community. Firmly believing that “every single person can do something to help.. and make the world a better place.” Currently working for the United Nations, he credits his career choice to this deep rooted humanitarian views. Another benefit of working for the United Nations is that it allows him to fulfill his life long passion for travel.

Andres has visited 84 countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Aruba, Jamaica, Ireland, Brazil, Ethiopia, and many more.

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